10 Signs You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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Mar 28, 2016

10 Signs You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment

It can be hard to tell if you or someone you love has a drinking problem and needs alcohol addiction treatment. Denial is common, and the line between acceptable and excessive drinking isn’t always clear. A problem drinker may not have a true alcohol addiction at the moment, but their risk of dependence grows with every passing day. If you or a loved one display some of the following signs, it’s probably time to research alcohol rehab facilities and get help:

10 Signs You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment

10 Signs You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment

1. You’re lying about your drinking: When your drinking has gotten out of control, it’s common to drink in secret or lie about the amount you drink.

2. You’re using alcohol as a crutch: People who suffer from addiction almost always abuse drugs or alcohol to deal with negative feelings. This behavior is risky and drinking only provides short-term relief and ultimately makes your problems worse.

3. You experience blackouts: Drinking to the point that you can’t remember things that happened is a clear “red flag” that signifies a problem. If you’re blacking out regularly, your drinking has gotten out of hand.

4. You can’t stop once you start: Do you find yourself always finishing off a bottle of wine after you open it, or can you stop after a drink or two? Being unable to stop is another sign of a problem, because it means you’ve lost control over your drinking habits.

10 Signs You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment

5. You’re drinking at times when you shouldn’t: One key sign of an alcohol problem is drinking at times when you risk dangerous consequences–when you need to drive, when you’re on a medication that doesn’t mix well with alcohol, or when you need to go to work. If you’re willing to take the risks that accompany this behavior, it’s a sign that alcohol is controlling your life.

6. You’re slacking off on responsibilities: When alcohol begins to interfere with your day-to-day obligations, such as school, work or household chores, it’s a clear sign that you have a problem.

7. Your relationships are suffering: When alcohol becomes the top priority in your life, it takes a toll on your relationships with friends, family members and significant others. Being able to recognize that drinking has become more important than your closest relationships is a key step toward alcohol addiction recovery: Once you can admit that your drinking is out of control, you can take the next step and get the help you need.

8. Your tolerance has increased: One of the hallmark signs of alcoholism is increased tolerance. If you find you can drink more than you did in the past, or if you need to drink a lot more to experience the desired effects, it’s time to locate alcohol addiction centers near you and check out their treatment plans.

10 Signs You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment

9. You’re having withdrawal symptoms: When your body becomes dependent on alcohol, you start to feel uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t had a drink. You might feel anxious, tired or irritable if you try to go without drinking; shakiness and sleep difficulties are also common withdrawal symptoms.

10. You’re unable to quit: If you’ve tried to cut back or stop drinking altogether without success, you may be struggling with alcohol addiction. There’s no need to deal with this by yourself: Treatment at a rehab facility can help you turn your life around.

If you’ve experienced a few or more of these warning signs, it’s likely that your drinking has become a problem. Making the decision to get help is never easy, but alcohol addiction treatment can help you turn your life around. With the right treatment plan, you can break free from the addiction of alcohol and start a healthy new life.




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