10 Fun and Sober Things To Do For Halloween

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Oct 18, 2016

10 Fun and Sober Things To Do For Halloween

I was in a store the other day and I noticed that Halloween costumes were already put out on the shelf. In full disclosure, as a kid, Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays, behind Christmas of course, and so seeing the costumes brought back fond memories of walking through the cool October night, going door to door to get as much candy as my pillow case could handle.


This year will be the second time that I will be able to spend Halloween with my children. It will also be the second Halloween that I get to spend with them sober, which makes it so much sweeter. The beauty of being sober is that each year I get to try new things like going to my first concert and experiencing it sober, or going to the fair sober. Sometimes I feel as if I am just experiencing life for the first time.

Thinking about all of this made me reflect on what other people who are in sobriety can do for the holiday. Holidays can be a strange time for people in recovery, and even though Halloween isn’t really a celebration for adults, it can still leave people who are newly sober feeling left out and alone.

10 Fun and Sober Things To Do For Halloween

If you are wondering what you can do this upcoming Halloween now that you are no longer drinking or using drugs, below are ten fun things that you and your friends can participate in to ensure a happy and safe holiday.

10 Fun and Sober Things To Do For Halloween

1. Throw a Halloween party

Sober Halloween parties are always a good time. Really any excuse to get together with your friends and have some good food and fellowship is a good time, but add in getting dressed up in ridiculous costumes and you have a great night in the making, It doesn’t have to be anything lavish or expensive, but just invite some friends over for Halloween and you are sure to have a good time.

2. Go To A Haunted House

No matter where you live in the country there is probably a haunted house within 10 to 20 miles from where you live. Haunted houses can really be a fun time with friends and while they usually aren’t very frightening, the campiness of them is part of the appeal.

3. Watch A Scary Movie

There is something about watching a scary movie on Halloween that makes it all the more frightening. Even as an adult I find this to be true, so if you aren’t into getting dressed up and don’t really feel like going out, invite some friends over to watch your favorite scary movie.

4. Carve a Pumpkin

Funny story, the first year that I was in South Florida I carved a pumpkin and put it out for Halloween. After the first night of it being outside the humidity completely destroyed it and when I woke up in the morning to go and see it, it was essentially collapsed. So just a bit of advice, if you live in a humid warm environment and you carve a pumpkin, keep it inside.

5. Go to a Concert

There are a lot of bands that play Halloween shows and going to a concert on Halloween can be a great deal of fun. People usually get dressed up and the backdrop of live music just rounds out the picture. So check to see if there are any live concerts in your area this Halloween.


6. Go on a Hayride

Not everyone will be able to do this because they don’t necessarily have hayrides everywhere in the country, but if you are lucky enough to live in a place that offers them take advantage. Sitting in the back of a bumpy and uncomfortable trailer being pulled by a tractor is enough to get anyone in the Halloween spirit.

7. Find a Corn Maze

Once again this one isn’t for everyone, but corn mazes are always a good time. Some of them are really pretty elaborate and getting through them can be difficult, so if you live near one, go and check it out.

8. Create a Scavenger Hunt

This suggestion is perfect for anyone who really has a lot of energy and the willingness to go the extra mile, but if you are prepared this can be a lot of fun. Setting up a scavenger hunt for you and your friends can really be great on Halloween because of the added bonus that there are a lot of people on the street dressed up. It sort of adds to the overall feel of the scavenger hunt and helps you get into the spirit of it.

9. Have Dinner With Your Family and Hand Out Candy

To some people, this may not sound like fun, but being with your family and answering the door for trick-or-treaters is a simple and enjoyable way to spend your Halloween. You can put on a good movie, relax, eat some food and have a great night.

10. Take Your Kids Trick-or-Treating

If you have children then Halloween really isn’t about you anymore. It’s about taking them around the neighborhood and helping them experience the same joy you had as a child during Halloween. I can think of no greater way to spend Halloween than walking around town with my kids and seeing their faces light up with all of the candy that they are getting.

These are just a few suggestions for how you can spend your sober Halloween and I hope that they were helpful. I know that being sober can make you feel like an outsider when it comes to holidays, but just remember that there is a ton of stuff that you can do to have fun while staying sober. You don’t need to drink or use drugs to enjoy yourself and if anything being sober for holidays is usually a lot more enjoyable.




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