May 2015 - Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

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  WILL A LIVER DETOX RID MY SYSTEM OF DRUGS? Don’t Mistake Toxins for Drugs It is a mistake to confuse a simple liver detox or cleanse, with the process of drug detoxification. The two are vastly different. Some celebrities and diet gurus use various cleansing systems to rid their body of toxins, while in actuality they are just interested in shedding unwanted pounds. The notion is that the liver is contaminated with pollutants from food…

Drug Addiction and Teenagers – A Complete Guide

The worst nightmare you could have when your child becomes a teenager is if your child becomes addicted to drugs. Although we fear it, but none of us expect our teenager to get stuck in a drug abuse problem. But as your child enters the teen age, they are more likely to demand freedom; and their growing knowledge about adult norms and lifestyle habits gets them curious about stuff. If your teenager is a good…

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