June 2015 - Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

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Dealing With Guilt During the Drug Addiction Recovery

Drug addiction affects multiple aspects of an addict’s life. Drugs influence the addict to ignore their responsibilities towards their family, friends, and colleagues as well as towards the society.  Depending upon the extent of addiction, there are fair chances that the addict ends up losing friends and family, causing harm to their career and also finding themselves deep in financial problems. As the grey cloud clears and your vision lucid, with the desire for drug…

Celebrity Addiction

In July 2014, actor and comedian Robin Williams announced he was re-entering a 12 step program. In august, the world mourned the loss of a great man. Depression is very common among those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and for many, suicide or overdose are very real dangers. Oscar winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death by heroin overdose shocked the world in February, 2014 from a combination of heroin and other drugs. River Phoenix, Jim…

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