3 Things You Should Never Bring to a Treatment Center

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May 26, 2016

3 Things You Should Never Bring to a Treatment Center

If you’re starting a substance abuse treatment program, you probably have lots of questions. Some of your questions may be about what to pack. The admissions staff at the treatment center you go with will be able to provide some helpful suggestions about what to bring with you; however, it’s also important to know what to leave at home.

3 Things You Should Never Bring to a Treatment Center

What You Should Never Bring to a Treatment Center

Rehab centers maintain strict rules about what you can and cannot bring to treatment. Here are a few things that should never be brought to rehab.

Drugs and Alcohol

While it may seem like an obvious rule, it’s worth mentioning that drugs and alcohol are banned at rehabilitation centers. One of the key benefits of an inpatient rehab program is the drug and alcohol-free environment of the treatment center– clients are free to work on their recovery without the temptations of these substances.

Personal Care Products That Contain Alcohol

When you’re deep in the throes of substance addiction, even toiletries like mouthwash and perfume can seem like a good way to get a fix. If any of your personal care products are alcohol-based, leave them at home.

3 Things You Should Never Bring to a Treatment Center

Cards and Games

These items certainly seem innocuous, and you may wonder why they’re not allowed in most drug programs. The reason that games and playing cards are banned is that they act as distractions during a time when you need to be focusing on your recovery. Don’t worry: The treatment center will provide recreational activities and other things to do during your downtime, so you won’t find yourself getting bored.

Other Items Not to Bring to a Treatment Center

These three examples are just a few of the items that shouldn’t be brought to rehab. Other items may include:

· Cash
· Aerosol sprays
· Food
· Mobile phones and pagers
· Laptops and other devices that connect to the internet
· Jewelry and other valuables
· Weapons
· Cleaning supplies such as ammonia and bleach
· Permanent markers
· Radios, iPods, and MP3 players
· Clothing that references drugs, alcohol or violence

If you make a mistake and accidentally bring a prohibited item to the treatment center, don’t panic: You won’t get in trouble. Most treatment centers will simply send the items home with whoever brought you to rehab. Some facilities might hold the items for a day until someone can come and pick them up, and others will hold the items for you until you complete treatment.

Treatment Centers Put Your Care First

Every treatment center has its own set of rules, but the best drug addiction treatment programs put the safety and well-being of their clients first. When you’re battling drug and alcohol abuse, certain items can do more harm than good, and that’s why they’re not allowed at rehab centers. If you have any doubt about whether you should bring a certain item, ask the center first. It’s better to pack light than to overpack, and you’ll find that most centers work hard to ensure that you’re comfortable and that all your needs are met.




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