4 Amazing Recovery Apps You Need in Your Life

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Oct 15, 2015

4 Amazing Recovery Apps You Need in Your Life

We’ve all had an “there’s an app for that” moment and with addiction and recovery, there’s no exception. We all have smartphones these days and with the internet it’s easier than ever to connect with others and manage your lifestyle. Here are some of our favorite recovery apps that we thought you’d find helpful in your recovery journey.

“If you thought of an idea, more than likely there’s an app, website, and a young millionaire who thought of it first.” – Matt Heckathorn

Sober Grid

Recovery AppsRebuilding and maintaining a healthy social life is one of the many tribulations of a recovering addict. Heck, making friends as an adult is hard to do without adding addiction into the mix. That’s why we love Sober Grid, a social network for those trying to make drinking or using a definitive thing of their past. More than just an online tool, the app helps connect sober people in real life. Sober Grid users can find other sober people nearby on “The Grid” – a GPS locator that displays other user profiles and how far away they are from you. Plus, there are tons of inspirational photos and quotes on your home feed to get you through the day.

Our Favorite Feature: The “Burning Desire” button. If a user is in need they can hit the button to let other sober people know they need help. Also great for those wanting to reach out and help others who may be going through a tough time.


Recovery AppsWhile Headspace is not geared specifically toward addiction recovery, it is by far one of the most useful and encouraging meditation apps out there. Regular meditation practice has been linked to alleviating symptoms of stress, relationship problems, and addiction for thousands of years. All of their exercises are guided, making Headspace a great option for those just beginning with meditation and their Take 10 Program encourages the notion that it’s always a good time for a little meditation session.

Our Favorite Feature: Their “Take 10 Program” – a free set of 10 meditation exercises for meditation beginners that challenges you to meditate everyday for 10 minutes.


Sobriety Tracker by Recovery Elevator

Recovery AppsTracking your progress throughout your recovery is essential to obtaining a life of sobriety. It helps to look back at what you’ve completed and realize how far you’ve come and physically being able to see and touch your progress makes it feel more real. Sobriety Tracker is a simple yet effective app that tracks the amount of days, months, or years that you have been sober and acts as a reminder of the progress you’ve made so far.

Our Favorite Feature: The “Sobriety Calculator” shows you the number of drinks you didn’t consume, the money you’ve saved, and the empty calories you’ve passed on.


Recovery AppsWith any addiction, your health and well being are always put off to the wayside. By the time you decide to take on rehab and start your recovery journey, your body has gone through some pretty harsh stuff. Introducing mild activity and consuming nutrient rich foods can be detrimental to your recovery and LoseIt makes it easier to track your goals and progress. When you sign up, you enter your details and your goal (lose, gain, or maintain weight) and the app will create a custom plan for you. You can simply use it to log your meals and fitness goals or to do more complex stuff like challenges and there is always someone to talk it out with using their Peer Support, where you can join public groups or connect with friends for support or to share tips.

Our Favorite Feature: “Challenges” Join or create your own team or group-based challenge that will enforces accountability and helps you to stay on track. Plus, health and fitness is more fun with friends!

Recovery is hard but you don’t have to do it alone. Use these recovery apps to connect with others who are going through the same thing as you. Another amazing source for inspiration to get you through the day is our Facebook page. Come visit us today!

Lindsey W

Lindsey W

Content Manager at Recoveryas.com
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