10 Addiction Recovery Links We Loved This Week

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Oct 7, 2016

10 Addiction Recovery Links We Loved This Week

The “Snapple Lady” reveals battle with cocaine addiction, Mental Illness Awareness Week, and reasons why being sober is totally the new black all in this week’s addiction recovery weekly roundup.
10 Addiction Recovery Links We Loved This Week

1. Wendy Kaufman, better known as “The Snapple Lady” opened up this week on “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” about her struggle with cocaine addiction. She said her position with the company became so much more than a job – it became her lifeline to staying sober.

2. This week was Mental Illness Awareness Week and this addiction blog did a roundup of our favorite celebrities that have not only struggled with mental health issues but have been very outspoken about their experiences.  Um, can we have more of this, please? Also, this read on why we love reading about celebrities in recovery.

3. Speaking of #MIAW, recording artist, Kid Cudi checked himself into rehab to be treated for depression, suicidal ideation, and anxiety this week. He shared a message on his Facebook page about how he wasn’t at peace with himself. You are so brave for speaking out and for reaching out for help. Our thoughts are with him, his friends, and his family.

4. If there is one one thing all Americans have in common, it is their inherent need (and constant search) for happiness. Ruth Whippman, a British author living in the US, delves into why America is so obsessed with being happy.

5. Catch up on the “bad words” that intentionally and unintentionally fuel the stigma that surrounds addiction. Matt Ferner, a national reporter for The Huffington Posts, suggests that the way we talk about drug abuse is harmful and we are all ears.

6. Didn’t you know that being sober is totally the new black? The rise of sober social engagements is making it easier than ever before to have fun without drinking. Sound impossible? This read also has a list of super cool things to try that don’t involve drinking at all. Where do we sign up?

7. We can think of so many reasons why we need to talk about high-functioning depression. From the outside, it looks normal. Perfect even. But on the inside, someone with high-functioning depression is a struggle hiding in plain sight.

8. We love when people use their celebrity spotlight for good. Like this video by rapper T.I., who talks about the War on Drugs, disproportionate sentences, and the overhaul of our criminal justice system that is so needed.

9. In more disappointing news, an elderly couple drew the attention of almost the entire internet when they both overdosed on heroin on a sidewalk in Memphis. Shockingly, one onlooker pulled out his phone and posted via Facebook Live and claimed he didn’t call 911 because “it wasn’t any of my business to help.” This comes after several other similar events but is no less disparaging. Can we stop this, please?

10. The much-anticipated film starring Emily Blunt, The Girl on the Trainhits theaters this weekend and we can’t wait to see it. We will be watching this weekend so stay tuned for our follow up.




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