10 Things That Happened in Addiction Recovery This Week

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Sep 25, 2016

10 Things That Happened in Addiction Recovery This Week

Seattle’s plans for heroin injection sites, the latest celebrity recovery news, and addiction training for first responders all in this week’s addiction recovery weekly roundup.
10 Things That Happened in Addiction Recovery This Week

1. When you think about heroin, safety is not usually something that you associate with it. Officials in Seattle want to make it safer by implementing supervised heroin injection clinics around the cities and suburbs alike. Only two other such clinics exist (both are in Canada) and they’ve seen some pretty compelling success rates.

2. It’s amazing how easy it is for your life to be completely overrun by drug or alcohol abuse. Sobriety blogger, Tawny (who we interviewed for Recovery Stories, ICYMI) wrote about all the ways alcohol was messing up her life and how she came to a point where being “the drunk girl” wasn’t cute anymore.

3. In political news, President Obama himself made a proclamation last week that had the addiction recovery community rejoicing. He announced that September 18th-24th is going to be known as Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week. Which is a big deal. Huge.

4. Joey Santiago, guitarist for the band, Pixies, entered inpatient rehab this week. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the band canceled a bunch of appearances to accommodate Santiago’s need for treatment but they are hopeful that he will be back in time for their November-December tour dates.

5. If you’ve been wondering why Mel C opted not to join in on the Spice Girls Reunion fun – this explains everything.

“Depression, eating disorders, obsessive over-exercising. I went through all of it. Yet I didn’t even admit it to myself. When your life is that crazy, traveling everywhere, performing all over the place, constantly on the move, you don’t have to acknowledge what is going on in your life.”

6. Alcohol or scary monsters? They are one in the same in Anne Hathaway’s new movie, Colossal, that we can’t wait to see.

7. Recovery month is coming to a close but there is still time to participate in the #aacrecovery30 Instagram challenge. We’ve been creating some really awesome content to inspire you in your addiction recovery – check it out.

8. In probably some of the saddest news this week, a woman overdosed in a dollar store while her 2-year-old child cried and pull on her shirt sleeve. Meanwhile, onlookers just pulled out their phones and recorded the entire thing with no thought to help the child. The internet responded and they were not pleased.

9. An officer in New Jersey is implementing an addiction training course for first responders and our outreach team was on the scene this week for the second training installation.

10. This emotionally moving read about how heroin affects more than just the person who abuses it will give you all the feels. Get the tissues. You’ve been warned.





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