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Individualized Treatment Planning

Canadian Addiction Rehab
M5R 3K4
5th and 7th Floors 1235 Bay St.
Canadian Addiction Rehab is a great drug & alcohol rehab in Toronto. This establishment is dedicated to offering every client the best possible care and individualized treatment plans.

Canadian Addiction Rehab is a great drug & alcohol rehab in Toronto. This establishment is dedicated to offering every client the best possible care and individualized treatment plans that will guide them through to recovery. They make a promise to each individual that they will help you recover and rebuild your life, along with your relationships. Every staff member takes pride in helping other people to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. They offer a safe and secure facility and take every case serious.

Drug Rehab Headquarters
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Mr. Sheldon Michael
41661 Enterprise Circle North
Drug Rehab Headquarters goal is to be the number one authority for drug rehab in the United States. Providing informed, free and non-judgmental advice to every client, resulting in the addicts’ successful recovery.

Our mission is to have a one-hundred percent success rate in placing addicts in drug rehab centers, based on our broad knowledge of treatment facilities, our sensitivity to clients’ needs, and our ability to facilitate quick and effective placement for different types of drug rehabilitation.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Portland
1012 SW King Street, Suite 306
Over 15 yrs of Providing Successful Rehab & Recovery! Contact Us Now.
Evidenced based treatment · High doctor-patient ratio

Portland Rehab treatment can help individuals who are suffering from a dependency to drugs or alcohol get over their addictions in a safe and healthy way. Give us a call today to learn more about our treatment options and ways that we can help people combat addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Sanctuary Treatment Center

Your Refuge from Addiction
For centuries, people have sought a safe haven from their daily struggles. Sanctuary embodies this age-old tradition by providing a safe and confidential environment for women to reclaim their lives with the strength and support of other women. Our 6 – bed facility allows for individualized treatment, treating the whole person by teaching women to win their battle with addiction through love, strength and healing. Here women are given the opportunity to regain mental, physical and spiritual health with the assistance of a multidiscipline team of clinicians who specialize in the treatment of substance dependence.

Our Recovery Program:

At Sanctuary we understand that the probability of relapse significantly decreases when treatment focuses not only on the addiction but also the underlying issues that contributed to the problem. Our clients are provided with customized treatment planning, targeting the brain and body connection. At Sanctuary. every activity and meal is calculated to support their recovery. Clients participate in individual therapy, group work, therapeutic activities, family therapy, recreation, and physical fitness, in addition to being supervised 7 days per week, 24 hours a day.

The Sundance Center
12816 E Turquoise Avenue
Discover a healing oasis in the heart of the Arizona desert where you or your loved one can begin a journey toward a renewed life free from alcohol and drug addiction.

The Sundance Center is a Joint Commission-accredited residential addiction treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Located in the beautiful and restorative Sonoran Desert, The Sundance Center provides innovative residential and outpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addiction as well as co-occurring disorders. We also offer an executive program for men. A highly experienced, multidisciplinary team provides gender-specific treatment designed to address the whole person—body, mind and spirit—using both traditional and holistic strategies. Services include intensive psychotherapy from master’s level therapists, family therapy, a nutritional program by a pioneering naturopathic doctor, mindfulness therapy, and equine-assisted therapy.

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