The Advantages of Residential Drug Rehab

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Jun 27, 2016

The Advantages of Residential Drug Rehab

Addiction treatment is usually divided into two different categories, residential drug rehab, and outpatient drug rehab. As the National Institute on Drug Abuse, or NIDA, explains through its extensive research; residential drug treatment offers some distinct advantages over other approaches. Once you are ready to make the commitment to drug detoxification, it is important to study the research and understand which approach is correct for you as an individual.

5 Ways Drug Programs Can Change Your Life

Drug Addiction Explained

Drug addiction is a complex illness, noted by intense, uncontrollable cravings. Compulsive behavior persists even in the face of dire consequences for those who are addicted. Addiction is not just a physiological dependence on a substance, but a disease of the brain that affects brain circuits involving; reward, motivation, learning, memory and inhibitive behavior. Drug abuse is multi-dimensional, compounding so many aspects of an individual’s life, that treatment is not easy or simple.

The Benefits of Residential Drug Rehab

In 2012, an estimated 23.9 million Americans were active drug users; yet approximately 20 million of them went without seeking out a drug treatment facility. One word sums up what might discourage many from seeking treatment: withdrawal.

Withdrawal is the term that refers to feelings of extreme discomfort, distress, and intense cravings for a substance when that substance is no longer being administered. Withdrawal symptoms from drug use range from irritability, fatigue, insomnia, headache, and nausea; to shakes, tremors, agitation, paranoia, and depression.

The greatest benefit of residential treatment for withdrawal from drug addiction is that the individual detoxifies in the most comfortable, and more importantly, safe manner.

The Advantages of Residential Drug Rehab

Residential drug treatment benefits include:

24-hour care
Clinically supervised detox
Calm, caring environment
Constant medication monitoring
Safe and secure facility
No distractions or temptations
Structured environment
Standard best practice protocols
Individualized treatment plans
Behavioral therapy
Inclusive family participation
Camaraderie and support from residential peers

Finding Treatment Centers Near You

Recognize the benefits of residential drug treatment and begin deciding which treatment facility matches your lifestyle and location. A reputable placement service like is where you can turn to begin the facility selection process. Identifying the right treatment and rehabilitation program can be a daunting process. can help you find a suitable program, one that aligns with your lifestyle, beliefs, and principals.

Don’t wade through the research alone. Allow to present you with excellent choices in your local area from which you can choose. Then you, along with the support of those nearest, can make an informed decision and begin maximizing the benefits of residential drug treatment, all the way to rehab and recovery.






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