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Completing drug abuse treatment or alcohol rehab is a major life accomplishment, but there is still more work to be done to maintain your lifelong sobriety.

During the weeks, months and even years after completing rehab, individuals in recovery are still at risk for relapse. Having a mental health condition that occurs in combination with a substance use disorder (dual diagnosis disorder) increases the risk of falling back into addictive behaviors and self-destructive patterns. Aftercare programs help minimize that risk and keep you moving forward on the road to a completely drug-free life.

While you are re-entering daily life, outpatient aftercare provides opportunities for you to concentrate on relapse prevention skills. It can help with your family relationships, anxiety and/or anger, recognizing and addressing personal triggers and dealing with temptations.

Call’s toll free number 1 (877) 968-6283 and an intake specialist will match you with a drug treatment center that will provide you with the right kind of assistance and therapeutic support so that you can maintain your hard-won sobriety and build a solid foundation for recovery. There is never a charge to you for our service.

From drug rehab to a sober living home

Making the transition from inpatient residential drug rehab or alcohol rehabilitation facility to an unlimited daily life can be challenging. Sober living homes offer the recovering addict a slow and gradual transition back into daily life at a comfortable pace.

The flexible length of stay and positive social relationships you’ll make in a sober living environment produce a strong support system that can reinforce your sustained recovery. Recovering substance abusers who do not spend time in a sober living facility before they return to the unrestricted surroundings that they came from are far more likely to revert to their old patterns of use.

Participation in self-help support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous is central to your sustained recovery. Residents in sober homes are usually required or strongly encouraged to attend meetings and actively work a 12-step recovery program by obtaining a sponsor, practicing the steps and volunteering for service positions that support meetings.

Planning ahead for lifelong sobriety

The quality of the aftercare you receive can have a strong influence on your chances of remaining sober after you finish treatment. From the time you enroll in a rehab program to treat alcoholism and/or drug addiction, your addiction treatment team should help prepare you for the days following your graduation.

With this in mind, addiction counselors work with clients early in the drug rehab treatment process to develop continuing care plans. Contacts and referrals are provided to advance recovery, and schedules detailing client activity for several days post-treatment are created. Follow-ups should typically begin 30 days after substance abuse treatment ends.

Whether it’s to a sober living community or back home, can find you a drug treatment center that will ensure a smooth transition upon discharge. During treatment, you will be assigned a primary therapist and case management team who will assist you in developing a comprehensive discharge plan. This ensures that you will be armed with appropriate contacts, resources and referrals for your continued care. You are also encouraged to participate in your rehab’s alumni program to remain connected and receive ongoing support for your continued recovery. is the right choice

Real life will bring pressures, responsibilities and temptations which must be faced. Aftercare provides addiction services which help you lead a sober life with new habits and new ways of thinking for less risk of relapse. Maintaining a dependable support system where understanding and encouragement are assured is invaluable for at least the first six months and up to a year following rehab.

The choices you make regarding your alcohol rehabilitation and/or drug addiction treatment are crucial to achieving and maintaining your sobriety. Let help you make the right choice.

Call 1 (877) 968-6283 toll free today to speak with a addiction specialist about your treatment options at no cost or obligation to you.

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