10 Blogs to Read When Alcoholism Treatment Gets Tough

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Jul 25, 2016

10 Blogs to Read When Alcoholism Treatment Gets Tough

When you are receiving alcoholism treatment, you will have your down moments. Even though you are doing the best thing for your recovery, sometimes, you may need some cheering up, something to remind you about the importance of your journey. Finding online addiction support can be very comforting on these occasions, when you’re fighting with all your strength to defeat alcoholism.

10 Blogs to Read When Alcoholism Treatment Gets Tough

Here are 10 alcoholism blogs to read when drug treatment gets tough:

#1: Addiction Blog

Addiction Blog is a blog run by Lee Weber. He managed to join MDs, PhDs, and drug treatment centers responsible for helping contribute to his blog. Addiction Blog isn’t limited to alcoholism but their insights and the way how they approach alternative drug therapy are really unique.

#2: The Discovering Alcoholic

Gavin, a recovered alcoholic, has been clean and sober since 1994. As a part of his recovery, he started The Discovery Alcoholic to encourage other alcoholics to seek help for drug and alcohol addictions. So, he uses this space to talk about his own experiences, to help people who are already sober just like him, and to people who are still getting drug treatment.

#3: The Fix

At The Fix, you can find everything you want from the latest medical developments to reviews, information about a specific center for substance addiction, among many other things. However, they also make the blog more practical since they offer you different tips, ideas, advice, and strategies for you to learn how to handle your emotions without needing any alcohol.

#4: Guinevere Gets Sober

Jennifer is a recovering alcoholic who speaks about her own experience. She’s the author of 4 books and she also uses her blog to remove the stigma from addiction and recovery.

#5: The Immortal Alcoholic

Linda Bartee Doyle is the women behind The Immortal Alcoholic. Despite she’s not an expert in the field, her personal experience by being married to an end-stage alcoholic makes her insights very curious. She discusses the health effects of alcoholism and the impact they have on her life.

10 Blogs to Read When Alcoholism Treatment Gets Tough

#6: I’m Just F.I.N.E.

Syd represents many people who suffer from alcoholism who had, since a young child, to live with alcoholic parents. In his blog, he expresses the difficulties he has gone through and the way he tries to get some meaning to his life.

#7: Mrs. D Is Going Out

Mrs. D gave up drinking when she was 39 years, after being an alcoholic since she was 15. On her blog, she tells all about her highs and lows of her journey and she also adds some personal tips and ideas when you’re just finishing your therapy for substance abuse.

#8: NIAAA (National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism)

NIAAA website is packed with all the information for everyone in the field. From researchers to people who think they might have an addiction problem, from clinicians to some family member or friend of an alcoholic who wants to know how to help their loved one.

#9: Shatterproof

Shatterproof is a blog who is run by a nonprofit group who aims to help not only drug and alcohol addicts as well as their families. The idea came from its founder, Gary Mendell, who lost his son to addiction.

#10: Sober in 100 Days

When Bren Murphy created the Sober in 100 Days blog, his goal was to make an experiment to see if he could stop drinking. He didn’t. However, in 2015, he came back and said that he has been sober for 18 months and that he had decided to share his experiences about drinking and sobriety. He takes his own fears and he shares with his readers what he has done to overcome them, without needing to use alcohol.

Do you have a favorite alcoholism treatment blog that you want to tell us about? Share with us in the comments below or tell us via Facebook. We love to hear from you!




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