Seeking Help: Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

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Sep 19, 2016

Seeking Help: Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

If you think you (or someone you care about) need help with either drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important to know what your addiction treatment options are. Start with this short yet helpful guide on what you need to know before you choose an addiction treatment program.

Seeking Help: Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

Anyone can become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Fortunately, scientific advances have helped us better understand the impact of these substances on the brain’s chemistry, and research has led to a number of effective addiction treatment methods. If you suspect you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, it’s important to seek help from a drug addiction treatment facility.

Looking for Addiction Treatment? Start Here:

It can be difficult to ask for help with a substance addiction, but making the decision to get treatment is an important first step on your path to recovery. One way to get help is to visit your primary doctor; they can guide you toward the appropriate addiction treatment resources. If your doctor isn’t comfortable discussing addiction treatment with you, your health insurance provider or a mental health clinic may be able to provide information. An excellent option is a drug treatment placement center, such as Their knowledgeable addiction specialists can match you with the best drug or alcohol rehab for your situation.

Seeking Help: Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

Finding an Addiction Treatment Center That Works for You

If your doctor or health professional decides that you could benefit from addiction treatment, many options are available to you. Several online treatment locators exist to help you find addiction treatment centers in your geographic area; the treatment finder on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration‘s website is a good place to start., who can help you find the right residential or outpatient treatment center in your desired location, can be reached at 1 (877) 968-6283.

Selecting the Right Drug Addiction Treatment Center

When you research treatment centers, look for a facility, such as The Discovery House in Los Angeles, that tailors their treatment approach to each individual patient. Every case of addiction is different. The specific substance of abuse will play a role in determining your treatment plan, and the length and severity of the addiction will also influence your treatment. Any pre-existing medical or psychological conditions should also be taken into consideration. After taking a detailed history and learning more about your situation, the specialists at the treatment center will talk to you about your drug or alcohol treatment options.

Don’t be swayed by the amenities and luxuries offered by a substance abuse treatment center. It’s more important to look at the therapies and support services offered. A good treatment program doesn’t just address the substance abuse, it also addresses the underlying emotional issues and personal problems that can fuel addictive behavior.

Seeking Help: Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

Some critical factors to consider in a substance abuse program include:

• Licensing and accreditation. Be sure that the program is state-accredited. The drug treatment center should be staffed with trained, licensed addiction specialists and mental health counselors. The Discovery House is a Joint Commission-accredited facility, meeting all inspection and safety standards that are required of hospitals in the United States. Fewer than six percent of all treatment centers in the country are so accredited.
• Aftercare services. Some of the greatest challenges of recovery arise after you leave rehab, and many people who appear to be doing well in recovery end up relapsing at some point. A treatment center should offer a good aftercare program, and it should be able to direct you to support groups and services in your community. As a member of The Discovery House alumni program, you will always have numbers to call and people to turn to, who understand that the transition home or into a new life of sobriety isn’t always easy.

Seeking help for a drug or alcohol addiction requires courage, and recovery takes a good deal of effort. However, today’s addiction treatments have been proven to work, and even the most long-term, severe addictions can be conquered. You can break the hold of your drug or alcohol dependency and re-take control of your life.




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