How Coloring Can Help in Inpatient Drug Therapy

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Aug 1, 2016

How Coloring Can Help in Inpatient Drug Therapy

There’s no doubt that we are seeing a boom in what concerns to adult coloring books. Filled with mandalas, enchanted forests, secret gardens, or any intricate pattern you can think of.

Many people believe coloring has a positive effect on them. They don’t only feel more relaxed as it also helps them practicing mindfulness, which improves not only the mental and physical health as well as it involves concentration and focus.

How Coloring Can Help in Inpatient Drug Therapy

How Coloring Books Can Help in Inpatient Drug Therapy

Adult coloring books are very inexpensive and anyone can grab a couple. They are perfect when you feel stressed out or when you simply want to boost your creativity and self-expression. And this becomes even more important when you’re enrolled in inpatient drug therapy or in a drug addiction treatment.

A coloring book may just well be exactly what you need, especially when you’re in early recovery. It will help you not only distract your head and make you think about other things as well as you won’t feel the physical cravings so much.

Most inpatient drug rehab centers tend to encourage their patients to create some kind of art for a long time now. The art can be about boundaries, emotions, cultivating safety and body awareness, challenging and positive childhood memories, among others. Patients are still given the tools and materials they need so they can express themselves like sculpting, painting, working with objects they just found, drawing, among others. Sometimes, it’s easier for someone to express their feelings and emotions through art rather than speaking. And adults coloring books are a new trend that has been being used in different inpatient drug therapy centers.

How Coloring Can Help in Inpatient Drug Therapy

One of the publishers who has been having more success with coloring books for people who are involved in drug therapy or drug addiction treatment is Health Communications Inc. This publisher has been involved in the self-help and addiction fields for a very long time, so this approach would be just a matter of time.

On the premiere edition, created specifically for people in recovery, had a huge success. The “Inkspirations for Recovery” Workbook is filled not only with intricate patterns for adults to color as well as it has plenty of thought-provoking messages.

One of the best things of the “Inkspirations for Recovery” is the fact that you can choose whatever material you want to color it, even watercolors. And since you can easily pull your art from the Workbook, you can hang it anywhere you want and just appreciate what you did.




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