How to Conquer Your Fear of Substance Addiction Programs

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Jul 28, 2016

How to Conquer Your Fear of Substance Addiction Programs

Beginning treatment at┬ásubstance addiction programs can be a very scary experience. It’s a journey filled with uncertainty and people simply don’t know what to expect. So, they experience different types of fears that can lead them to postpone their entrance in drug treatment centers.

How to Conquer Your Fear of Substance Addiction Programs

However, you don’t need to be afraid. And we’ll explain to you why. Here are the 4 most common fears of substance addiction programs:

#1: Fear of Being Alone in Substance Addiction Programs

Many drug and alcohol addicts are afraid of being alone. You usually need to go to a strange place where you don’t know anyone. It’s all new to you and you just don’t know if and how you’ll fit it. However, this should be the last of your concerns at the moment. You just need to think that you’ll get the support you need to finally deal with drug and alcohol abuse. As for not knowing anyone, you’ll meet a lot of people on drug treatment centers and they are all in the same situation as you are.

#2: Fear of Not Having What it Takes to Recover

This is one of the most common fears when someone is about to enter a substance addiction program. They just don’t know if they’ll be able to reach until the end of the program and be sober for good. What you need to think is that it’s not a race, it’s a marathon. And you need to take little steps to not lose your balance. You already acknowledge you had an addiction problem and you are ready to deal with it. You are going to a drug rehab center. And taking one step at the time, you will manage to deal with drug withdrawal, you’ll see how you’re able to feel empathy and love for others, you’ll be able to reach the end of the program and be sober.

#3: Fear of Failing at Drug Treatment Programs

When a drug and alcohol addicted is about to enter in a drug therapy, the last thing he needs is to start thinking about the future, when the program ends. Just like mentioned on #2, you need to take one step at the time. After recover, you’ll be able to deal with this questions in a better way. So, why feeling fear about something that will take so long to accomplish?

#4: Fear of Having Success at a Treatment Center

Despite seeming strange, it’s pretty common to fear success. However, you need to ask you these questions: was it easy for you to admit you had a problem? Was is easy to make the decision of entering a substance addiction program? Was it easy to leave your home, family and friends? Do you feel guilty because you’re trying to get control over your life when you know a lot of people can’t or don’t want to?

You can be sure that success isn’t random; success isn’t luck. You need to earn success by making the right decisions as you are doing now.




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