6 Shocking Drug Addiction Facts Vs. Myths

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Jul 18, 2016

6 Shocking Drug Addiction Facts Vs. Myths

The best way of dealing with any kind of situation or problem in life is to get as much information as possible regarding it. If you find yourself face to face with drug addiction, it is best to get your facts straight and steer clear of any myths that can become a hurdle on the journey towards recovery.

Why Knowing Drug Addiction Facts Vs. Myths Matters

Having knowledge about drug addiction facts and myths can be a great asset for you and your loved ones because it:

  • Helps you understand drug addiction;
  • Helps in prevention of drug usage;
  • Helps you come up with realistic solutions;
  • Helps reducing chances of a drug relapse or even an overdose.

Drug Addiction Facts You Need to Know

The following are some helpful points concerning drug addiction facts:

  • Apart from our mood, our appetite and our emotions, drugs target our brain, which is the reason why it takes more than just willpower to overcome drug addiction.
  • Prescription drugs can become a cause of drug addiction if they are not used according to doctor’s instructions and also if used by someone other than the person they have been prescribed to. Also, addiction to prescription drugs is not less harmful for you; according to a study, legal drugs have caused more deaths than illegal drugs.
  • Getting high on drugs makes you extremely vulnerable to a heart attack.
  • People with stable careers, strong financial backgrounds, and firm moral beliefs are also susceptible to drug addiction.
  • With proper drug treatment and addiction support, drug addiction can be overcome and you can stay clean hopefully for the rest of your life.
  • 6 Shocking Drug Addiction Facts Vs. Myths

Must-Know Drug Addiction Myths

The following are some helpful points concerning drug addiction myths:

  • If you relapse once, you will always relapse.

  • Although you are always exposed to the risk of a drug relapse, it is normal to relapse once or more times till you find the courage to spend the rest of your life off the drugs.
  • Forced treatment does not work.

  • Forced treatment can also be effective in getting rid of the habit since the effected is coerced by law or by family into attending the program.
  • All drug treatment programs are the same.

  • Just like every person is different, every addiction is different and so is the treatment program. Good drug recovery centers such as Recovery Addiction Services creates personalized and customized drug treatment programs so they are tailored according to their client’s needs.
  • You choose to get addicted.

  • A person chooses to use drugs, that much is true. But, no one chooses to get addicted, it happens as a consequence of drug usage.
  • Drug treatment is a sure shot solution.

  • A treatment center requires you to put in the effort to take treatment seriously and make measure to stay clean once you are out.
  • Entering a drug treatment program is all you need.

  • Although drug treatment centers such as Recovery Addiction Services help you through effective drug treatment programs, other factors such as having a support group are also required for complete recovery from drug addiction.

Clear knowledge about drug addiction facts and myths can be your first step towards a drug free life!




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