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Emerging Drug Trends

New drugs are emerging at an unprecedented rate as manufacturers of “legal high” products use new chemicals to replace those that are banned. These new chemicals take the place of heroin, morphine and amphetamines, are highly accessible, touted as legal and perceived as safe. However, despite the popularity in designer drugs and legal high products, the abuse of heroin and prescription painkiller medication is still trending throughout the country.

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Pump-It Powder

As the chemicals in synthetic drugs are designated controlled substances, chemists are actively inventing new compounds to circumvent legal restrictions. One such product that has replaced bath salts is Pump-It Powder, marketed as an enhanced plant vitamin.

Geranamine, aka methylhexanamine, is the legal active ingredient found naturally in the geranium plant. It is similar to an amphetamine and decongestant. Users report effects similar to those produced by bath salts and is considered to be more powerful than cocaine and methamphetamine.

Pump-It Powder is particularly popular in the Midwest and Plains states, where it is sold in gas stations and head shops. Easy to find and relatively cheap, the drug can be snorted, injected or smoked. The high is somewhat delayed, which may cause users to double or triple the dose if the effects are not felt immediately, resulting in a certain trip to the hospital. Symptoms include the acceleration of the heart and blood temperature. Some users have suffered seizures, hallucinations and paranoia.

The Pump-It Powder high could last four to six hours, although some claim to have felt the effects for 12 hours or longer.


Methoxetamine, or MXE, is a new designer research chemical product often taken for its hallucinogenic and dissociative effects. It is considered to be equivalent to the drug Ketamine, classified as a dissociative anesthetic originally used as a powerful tranquilizer on animals. The packaging reads “research chemical” and “not for human consumption.”

MXE is marketed as a safe alternative to Ketamine and is sold as a white powdery substance. Usually snorted or ingested in capsule form, it is primarily sold online under the names MXE, M-Ket, Kmax or Mexxy.

MXE is currently unscheduled in the United States but may emerge as a popular synthetic drug of abuse.Users report effects including hallucinations, euphoria, warmth, enlightenment and being detached from the world around them. Increased heart rate and blood pressure, involuntary eye movement, loss of balance and coordination and slurred speech have been reported.

MXE has been linked to deaths in Europe and was placed under temporary class drug control in Great Britain. It takes 10-15 minutes for the effects to be felt and can sometimes take 60-90 minutes, causing some users to double dose and die from overdose.

Party Pills

The original ingredient in party pills or “herbal highs” was benzylpiperazine (BZP) but the ingredients have since expanded to a wide variety of compounds with various effects. BZP was listed as a Schedule I controlled substance in 2002 but is still legal in Canada, home to the largest supplier of party pills.

BZP is often marketed as a dietary supplement to avoid stricter laws applied to medicines and drugs. Some retailers claim it is a natural product that produces a natural high; however, the drug is entirely synthetic.

The effects of BZP are largely similar to amphetamines and MDMA. Users report alertness and euphoria. The high typically lasts four to six hours. Side effects include hallucinations, hypertension, hyperventilation, hyperthermia, respiratory failure and seizure.

A range of piperazine derivatives have been sold mixed with other ingredients, including caffeine and a range of vitamins and minerals. The new legal ingredients found in party pills are untested, unregulated substances that are difficult to monitor. Often, no one knows what’s really in them. Legal party pills are likely to be combined with alcohol and possibly illegal drugs.

Common party pills include Xplode, which is marketed as a six-hour energy legal alternative to amphetamines. It is legal to sell, possess and use, even getting a feature in Men’s Health magazine. XTZ is another herbal product marketed with effects similar to Ecstasy. Cok-n is an herbal product containing the psychedelic chemical LSA. It is marketed as providing cocaine-like stimulant effects.

Herbal Drugs of Abuse

Some herbal products are emerging as popular drugs for recreational abuse. Plant and herbal supplements used recreationally can have a wide spectrum of clinical effects ranging from euphoria and stimulation to hallucinations. Despite the potential for abuse, addiction and serious adverse effects,there may be a false perception that these products are all safe, legal and organic.

  • Kratom Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family located in Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand. Its leaves are used for medicinal purposes and produce psychoactive effects when chewed. It may also be drunk like a tea and behaves similar to an opioid, such as morphine. Most illegal cases involving kratom have occurred when combined with other drugs. Some users consume kratom along with dextromethorphan-containing cough syrup, amphetamines or benzodiazepines. Kratom use is increasing among those who have been self-managing chronic pain with opioids purchased without a prescription. Compulsive use has been reported among drug users who inject opioids. Kratom is not regulated in the United States; however, it once was listed by the DEA as a “drug of concern” but is still legal. Kratom can be purchased online at botanical shop websites. It may also be sold as incense resembling bath salts and spice.
  • Angel’s Trumpets Angel’s Trumpets, aka moonflowers or daturas, are flowers cultivated in the United States. All Datura plants contain tropane alkaloids in their seeds and flowers. Because of these substances, Angel’s Trumpets have been used in some cultures as a poison and are consumed as a tea for their hallucinogenic effects.There can be a 5:1 toxin variation between plants, making it exceptionally hazardous as a drug. There have been multiple incidents of adolescents and young adults intentionally ingesting Datura and becoming seriously ill or even dying. Desired effects include a sense of euphoria; however, it may actually cause hyperthermia, bizarre behavior and severely dilated pupils. Pronounced amnesia may also occur.
  • Salvia Divinorum Salvia Divinorum is a perennial herb in the mint family native to certain areas of Mexico. Salvinorin A is believed to be the responsible ingredient for the plant’s hallucinogenic effects, typically when chewed or smoked. Effects appear in five to ten minutes when chewed and maintained in the cheek area. Smoking pure salvinorin A, at a dose of 200-500 micrograms, results in effects within 30 seconds and lasts 30 minutes.Psychic effects include perceptions of bright lights, vivid colors and shapes, as well as body movements and body or object distortions. Other effects include dysphoria, uncontrolled laughter, a sense of loss of body, overlapping realities, hallucinations, incoordination, dizziness and slurred speech. Neither Salvia Divinorum nor Salvinorin A are controlled under the Controlled Substances Act. It is estimated that 1.8 million persons aged 12 or older have used Salvia Divinorum in their lifetime, most commonly by young adult males.

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