Five Fun Things to do Sober this Weekend

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Sep 15, 2016

Five Fun Things to do Sober this Weekend

If you are new to sobriety, weekends can be tough. Back in your using days you’d probably meet up with a friend or two and go on a bender to really let loose after a hard week. Now you want to put these days and your addiction behind you so you can really focus on and embrace your new sober life. But you still want to have fun, right? Absolutely! The key to having fun while not veering from your path to sobriety is to shift your idea of what constitutes fun.

5 Things to Do Sober This Weekend

We’ve put together a short list of five fun things to do sober this weekend that don’t involve using and that will also aid in your recovery process. We know it’s scary but trust us when we say, you can do this and it will be fun.

Get Active

Five Fun Things to do Sober this Weekend

Getting active in even the mildest of capacities can have endless benefits from both a mental and physical standpoint. Regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress, ease depression, and fight boredom that could lead to relapse. Start with a gentle activity like walking, yoga, or pilates – all of which can be done alone to start. When you are ready, you can also join a gym or fitness group that will connect you with new people that share your new found interests.


Five Fun Things to do Sober this Weekend

One of the best ways to occupy idle time and handsĀ is to stretch your creative muscles. Creativity and crafting are both often used in many therapies for addiction recovery because it encourages creative expression which can be a vital component of recovery. There are so many mediums to choose from and it can definitely be a bit intimidating but just choose one or two that speak to you. And remember, the only way you fail is by not trying at all.



When you are in the early stages of your sobriety it is common to have a constant buzzing going on in your head. You’ve been through a lot and trying to organize your thoughts can sometimes be more daunting than organizing the tangible things that make up your new life. Mindfulness and meditation can be a great way to feel more centered, calm, and collected and it can make all the other things in life easier to face and even more fun.


Five Fun Things to do Sober this Weekend

While some run for the hills at the mention of making a sandwich, some people find cooking to be very therapeutic. If you need some inspiration, Pinterest is a great source for recipes from the simplest snacks to gorgeous gourmet eats. Invite your friends and family over for a feast and impress them with your new culinary skills.


While you may not be fully prepared to take your education into your own hands just yet there is nothing stopping you from a little self-education. Read up on your favorite subjects and topics via blogs or websites like Khan Academy or sharpen your mind with apps like Luminosity.

Five Fun Things to do Sober this Weekend
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