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Overview of Addiction in Georgia

In Georgia, law enforcement and emergency responders are faced with the mounting public threat associated with three specific drugs: heroin, synthetic marijuana and methamphetamine. These difficulties, along with marijuana, alcohol abuse and new synthetics abuse issues, have caused the state tremendous trouble.

Georgia is both a final destination point for drug shipments and a smuggling corridor for drugs transported along the east coast. The state is strategically located on the I-95 corridor between New York City and Miami, the key wholesale-level drug distribution centers on the east coast and major drug importation hubs. In addition, Interstate Highway 20 runs directly into Georgia from drug entry points along the southwest border and gulf coast. As the largest city in the South, the city of Atlanta has become an important strategic point for drug trafficking organizations.

Key Substance Abuse Problems in Georgia

  • Heroin is now attracting a younger and more affluent user, changing the stereotypical image of poor addicts living on street corners. In 2013, clients age 18 to 25 represented 30.3 percent of treatment admissions versus approximately 35 percent being 35 years or older.
  • In a recent study, heroin abuse indicators all showed increased use in Georgia, with heroin representing 6.1 percent of primary substance abuse treatment admissions in 2013.
  • Georgia has seen an increase in demand for methamphetamine, which is becoming increasingly more available. Ice, a type of meth that is more potent, addictive, and come with much worse side effects, is also seeing an increase in availability.
  • Public treatment admissions for methamphetamine in 2013 were at the highest level since 2006, and many clients list meth as their secondary drug of choice.
  • Georgia, like other states has seen an increase in synthetic drug abuse with substances like Spice/K2, synthetic methamphetamine or bath salts, and synthetic marijuana.
  • Synthetic marijuana, a substance billed as incense or potpourri, contains chemicals designed to deliver effects that mimic those of marijuana but with alarming side effects including tremors, increased heart rate, loss of consciousness and convulsions that are seizure-like in nature.
  • Synthetic pot has since appeared on shelves at tobacco shops in liquid form. The new version of synthetic marijuana is consumed through the use of vapor pens, and because this method produces no odor or smoke, individuals can use it without being detected.
  • Georgia has lower rates of heavy drinking and binge drinking than the national average, a recently released study found.
  • Among the 61.7 percent of clients seeking drug treatment who reported a secondary drug of choice, 18.9 percent listed alcohol as their second substance. Alcohol-related admissions continued to be most commonly male (67.2 percent) while just 42.5 percent of Georgia women drank alcohol, lower than the national average of 49.1 percent.


Finding drug and alcohol treatment in Georgia

If you or a loved one relies on drugs and/or alcohol to get you through the day in Savannah, Decatur, Augusta, Gainesville or another Georgia city, it’s time to call at 1 (877) 968-6283 to get on the road to a fulfilling clean and sober life.

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