How to Get Help for My Father's Drug Abuse

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Jun 9, 2016

How to Get Help for My Father’s Drug Abuse

Fathers are often viewed as the “rock” of their families, so it can be heartbreaking to watch yours struggle with drug abuse and addiction. However, you don’t need to stand by and feel helpless. There are effective ways to treat addiction, and your love and support can help guide your father toward the addiction treatment services he needs. Here are a few ways to help a parent get drug addiction treatment and turn their life around.

How to Get Help for My Father's Drug Abuse

Don’t Blame Yourself for Your Father’s Drug Abuse

Many children of addicted fathers blame themselves for their parent’s substance abuse, but it’s important to remember that you didn’t cause this problem. Your father still loves you, but he’s trapped in a cycle of substance abuse. It’s the disease of addiction that fueled the changes in your father’s behavior.

Hold an Addiction Intervention

Confronting your father about his drug addiction can be a delicate situation, and everyone in the family needs to be on board. A positive, calm approach is essential– an angry or accusatory confrontation will only serve to put the addicted person on the defensive. Talk about the way your father was before addiction took hold, and compare this to the behaviors he displays now. Remind your father that you love him and just want him to get the addiction treatment services he needs. Interventions can have a powerful impact on people struggling with addiction: Studies show that 80 percent of people enter rehab within 24 hours of an intervention.

How to Get Help for My Father's Drug Abuse

Choose a Drug Addiction Treatment Setting

Once your father has agreed to receive substance abuse therapy, you’ll need to make a decision about his treatment setting. Rehab can take place on an inpatient or outpatient basis, and the right setting for him will depend on his substance of abuse and his personal circumstances. Outpatient drug rehab can be a good choice for people who need to continue living at home during their treatment, but a good support system and a stable home environment are essential to success. For others, inpatient drug rehab or inpatient alcohol rehab is a better option. Inpatient programs allow clients to focus all their energy on recovery in a drug-free environment, far away from the stresses of their daily life. The round-the-clock medical supervision of a residential program is also beneficial for many.

Make the Commitment

Before you start looking into treatment centers, the family should make a joint commitment and put their pledge in writing. Your father will promise to complete treatment, and the rest of the family will promise to support him in his recovery efforts. Remembering this pledge can help everyone in the family weather any bumps in the road to recovery.

Recovering from drug abuse takes determination and effort, and your support can play a critical role in your father’s success. If you’ve found yourself thinking, “I think my dad needs rehab for substance misuse,” now is the time to reach out for help. We can help you compare different drug treatment programs and locate the best drug abuse treatment center for your father’s needs. With the right treatment, your father can leave drug use and addiction in the past and begin a healthy new life.




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