How to Achieve Your Recovery Goals

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Dec 21, 2015

How to Achieve Your Recovery Goals

Recovery GoalsRecovery goals are an important, and necessary part of the recovery process. During recovery treatment, goals help in keeping addicts in line with their program, as well as it gives them something to aim for, and work towards.  To aid in reaching a fulfilling life of sobriety, people participating in rehab should use recovery goals to guide them through the process.

Recovery Goals Help to Point us in the Right Direction

As stated, recovery goals are a great way to keep us on track towards a larger objective.  A great goal would be to aim to continue sobriety for 1 month.  This is but a stepping stone for a greater goal of maintaining sobriety for an entire year, or more.  The 1 month goal gives us something to look forward to, as waiting a year to reach a goal is great, but the lack of gratification on the way may push us off track. Having that stepping stone goal gives us something to celebrate, and pushes us forward.  Smaller goals also are perceived by us to be easier than larger goals. They are more manageable so this helps to aid addicts and non-addicts alike in continuing to go forward with our objective.

Techniques Used to Aid in Reaching Recovery Goals

Even achieving stepping stone goals can prove to be harder than it seems.  For many addicts, completing 1 months of sobriety is no walk in the park.  It takes commitment and lots of will.  A great tool that can assist you in this milestone is including someone in your goal plans.  Tell your friend, sponsor, or family what you are trying to pursue because if someone else know what your goals are, there is a good chance they will help push you towards your target.  You also have this pressure not to let these special people down.  Make sure to keep anyone you told about your goals updated on your progress.  Just talking about your objective may force you to work harder to ensure completion.

Make sure to celebrate each goal’s completion while in recovery.  Each goal reached is a milestone that deserves a celebration.  During recovery, we need gratification and this can be a great way to achieve this.  This also ties into telling those around you of your recovery goals.  They will want to commemorate this fantastic moment with you as well.  At the end of the celebration, you should plan, and begin the process of reaching your next goal.

An important step in the completion of any task is knowing how to get there.  Goals assist in guiding us, and rewarding us in our day to day activities and in recovery.  What goals will you challenge yourself with for the new year? Share with us in the comments below or via Facebook or Twitter.

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