Why Including Family is the Best Therapy for Substance Abuse

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Apr 11, 2016

5 Reasons Including Family is the Best Therapy for Substance Abuse

5 Reasons Including Family is the Best Therapy for Substance Abuse

If you’re looking for the best therapy for substance abuse, it’s important to get the entire family involved in treatment. There’s a good reason addiction is known as a “family disease”–it affects everyone who is close to the person with the substance abuse problem. Not all drug programs are the same, so be sure you choose a substance abuse treatment center that offers family therapy. Here are just a few of the many reasons to include your family in your treatment for substance addiction.

Why Including Family is the Best Therapy for Substance Abuse


A Better Understanding of Substance Addiction

For many people with an addicted loved one, the hardest part is watching their family member struggle without truly understanding the nature of addiction. Family therapy at a rehab center will help your loved ones understand why addiction has had such a grip on your behavior, and it can help them learn to support you more effectively.

Your Family Can Provide Addiction Support

When you’re in recovery, you need as much support as you can get. Family therapy brings your loved ones together and provides you with a wealth of emotional support.

Help You Heal Damaged Relationships

Addiction is a disease that can cause you to hurt the most important people in your life. You might steal money or valuables from your loved ones, or you might lie to them or lash out in anger. It can be hard to repair these relationships, but family therapy can help. In therapy, you can open the lines of communication with your loved ones and help them restore their trust in you.


Family Therapy Helps Your Children

If you’re dealing with a substance abuse problem and you have children, your kids may grow up to become caught in the cycle of addiction. They may have experienced emotional trauma from growing up in a home with substance abuse, and they might turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to deal with the pain. Rehabilitation centers offer family therapy programs that cater to the needs of children, teaching them positive coping skills and helping them heal the wounds caused by addiction.

Your Loved Ones Need to Recover, Too

Family members of an addicted person may experience a variety of emotional consequences, such as codependency, control issues, and poor self-esteem. These issues develop when family members try to protect their addicted loved one from the consequences of their actions– trying to hide their loved one’s substance abuse from the world, taking over responsibilities that their family member abandoned or even blaming themselves for their loved one’s addiction. Therapy can help an addicted person’s family members move forward and establish healthy boundaries.

It’s clear that involving your family can be the best therapy for substance abuse. The road to recovery from drugs and alcohol isn’t easy, but the support of your family can help you through the tough times. Substance addiction can tear families apart, but the right therapy at a drug abuse treatment center can restore your relationships and bring you and your loved ones closer together.




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