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Intervention Services

When a loved one is in denial about their drug and/or alcohol addiction, an intervention can be the first step to restoring your family back to health and happiness. Addiction experts work with you to confront the troubled individual about change in a way that successfully gets them into treatment.

Drug and/or alcohol addiction intervention services provided by a professional trained in addiction recovery and therapies can help both addicts and their families begin on the path to recovery. addiction specialists provide, at no charge to the client, placement options to inpatient rehab programs that may include professional drug intervention services.

Alcohol and drug recovery often begin with addiction intervention services. While approaches may vary, professional substance abuse interventionists calmly and objectively present the problem of drug addiction to the addicted person and their family.

The addict may believe they have been hiding their substance abuse addiction from other people and that they can control their drug or alcohol use. They may insist they don’t have a problem that requires professional intervention or treatment. A professional drug interventionist shows the addicted person the truth about their addiction and how it affects their family and themselves.

Interventionists can help direct addiction recovery

While confrontation is the most well-known part of intervention services, a professional interventionist is knowledgeable about how specific drugs and alcohol abuse affect a person, their behavior, the ability to reason and their decision-making skills. This knowledge helps the interventionist to distinguish between the effects of the abused substance and the addict’s resistance to listen to friends and family who attempt to confront them about their addiction.

Often, bringing in a knowledgeable third party forces the addicted family member to admit they have a serious problem with drugs and/or alcohol.

Once the addict acknowledges their addiction and the devastating effects their drug or alcohol abuse has had on their life and the lives of those who love them, recovery can begin. At this point, the professional interventionist may provide input as to the direction to take for recovery. A comprehensive substance abuse recovery program is necessary for full addiction recovery in nearly all cases.

How do I know if my loved one needs an intervention?

Determining when your loved one’s drug or alcohol use has crossed over into abuse can be difficult to assess. While this point may differ between individuals, there are some warning signs to watch for:

• Unexplained weight loss or weight gain

• Personal conflicts at home or at work

• Withdrawal from previously enjoyed activities and family time

• Borrowing money

• Frequent lies regarding their activities, who they are spending time with and where they are going

• Failure to pay bills or manage finances

• Unaccounted bank withdrawals

• Neglecting personal hygiene

• Loss of employment

• Involvement in small crimes (often to gain cash for drugs or alcohol)

• Denial or hiding drug or alcohol use

• Drug or alcohol use early in the day or just prior to leaving for work and during work hours

• Paranoid behaviors

• Erratic behavior

If your loved one is exhibiting one or more of these behaviors, a professional addiction intervention may be necessary. Because addiction so often leads to the destruction of the addict’s job, finances, relationships and health, early intervention is recommended to stop this cycle of destruction. will match you with a professional drug interventionist who specializes in addiction treatment to help your loved one begin the recovery process. There is never a charge to you for our service.

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