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In 2013, several reports surfaced in the United States regarding suspected abuse of “Krokodil,” or desomorphine, a drug derived from codeine that is primarily abused in Russia. Abuse of the drug gives a high similar to that of heroin and is a cheap, highly addictive alternative to heroin for Russia’s opiate-abuser population.

Krokodil abuse causes tissue decay at the injection site. Massive tissue damage in the limbs from dead and dying flesh, internal bleeding and necrosis can occur, often resulting in death. The tissue decay in suspected cases was likely the result of injection of tainted heroin or injection using tainted needles, both of which can lead to infections and cause open wounds at the injection site.

Desomorphine is a synthetic morphine derivative, made from codeine processed with gasoline, lighter fluid, industrial cleaning fluid, paint thinner and red phosphorus. The cooking process takes 30 minutes and is similar to the manufacture of methamphetamine. The resulting drug is injected for a 90-minute high with similar effects to heroin. The production of Krokodil leaves several pounds of hazardous waste, similar to methamphetamine.

Desomorphine is much cheaper than heroin and ten times more potent than morphine. It costs $6 to $8 per injection.

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