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An Overview of Addiction in Maine

Heroin has had a resurgence in our nation and the state of Maine is no exception. Opiates, including prescription drugs, are the most commonly cited substances among primary drug treatment admissions in the Pine Tree State. Instead of illegal drugs to get high, Mainers are increasingly misusing available prescription drugs, including stimulants and opiates. Although the number of primary treatment admissions for alcohol has decreased since 2010, it remains the substance most often used by Mainers across their lifespan. In particular, high-risk drinking among the 18 to 25 year old population continues to be a concern, although it appears that the rates of use among those who are below the legal age to drink are declining.

Key Substance Abuse Issues in Maine

  • Total treatment admissions for heroin or morphine have been steadily increasing in Maine since 2010. About one in four primary admissions and one in ten secondary admissions were due to heroin or morphine in 2014.
  • Drug/medication overdoses are most common among those between the ages of 26 and 35 while alcohol-related overdose responses are most common among those 46 to 55.
  • The vast majority of those overdose deaths were related to prescription medicines. In 2014, nearly seven out of ten Maine overdose deaths were the result of an opiate or opioid. In addition, one in five drug overdose deaths involved oxycodone or fentanyl.
  • In recent years, rates in treatment admissions due to heroin among pregnant women have increased significantly. In 2014, there were 961 reports to Child Protective Services regarding infants born affected by substance abuse, and these have been steadily rising since 2010.
  • Police and prosecutors report that the fentanyl spike is largely due to non-pharmaceutical fentanyl being sold on the streets as a white powder and represented to be heroin.
  • Between 2009 and 2013, the proportion of high school students who reported binge drinking (five or more drinks in a row within a couple of hours) within the past month declined from 19 percent to 15 percent.
  • Both the number and proportion of alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes have seen an overall decrease within the past several years. In 2014, nearly one in four fatal motor vehicle crashes involved alcohol.

Finding help for drug abuse in Maine

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug abuse in Maine, we’d like to hear from you. When you call at 1 (877) 968-6283, a compassionate addiction specialist will listen carefully to the details of your dependency problem and match you with the best drug treatment center for your situation. And you will never be charged for our services.

If your insurance coverage is with one of the following companies, can help you find the help you need. We can work with any PPO coverage and also offer affordable self-pay and financing options for addiction treatment.

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