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An Overview of Addiction in Minnesota

There aren’t many places in the U.S. that haven’t been touched by the substance abuse epidemic and for Minnesota, there is no exception. Marijuana is the most commonly cited drug among primary drug treatment admissions in the state, and it leads pretty far ahead of other drugs as well as adverse consequences related to heroin and other opiates continue their stronghold in the Twin Cities. Methamphetamine-related treatment admissions gradually increased since 2009, exceeding the number of admissions for meth in 2005 at the height of the statewide epidemic.

Quick Facts on Substance Abuse Issues in Minnesota

  • In some counties, like Hennepin, the escalating numbers of opiate-related overdose deaths slowed down, while in counties like Ramsey they continue to rise.
  • Most of the young patients entering treatment programs for heroin addiction in Ramsey County initially abused prescription opiates before progressing to heroin use and addiction.
  • Cocaine overdose deaths continue to fall steadily in Hennepin County as well as in Ramsey County.
  • Accidental methamphetamine-related deaths saw a decrease from 2013 to 2014 whereas treatment admissions for meth have been rising in the Twin Cities since 2009.
  • Synthetic cannabinoids (cannabimimetics) refer to synthetically produced chemicals that are sprayed onto dried herbal mixtures, and smoked to mimic the effects of THC, the active ingredient in plant marijuana. They are sold as “herbal incense” or “legal pot,” with a warning “not for human consumption.” Although these products are illegal to sell or possess under State and Federal laws, they continue to be sold online under many names, such as “K2,” and “Spice.”
  • In 2014 the Minnesota legislature passed a bill that allows individuals with certain qualifying health conditions to enroll in a patient registry maintained by the State in order to receive medical cannabis directly from one of eight dispensaries in Minnesota that opened July 1, 2015.
  • Less than one-half (43.1 percent) of total admissions to addiction treatment programs reported alcohol as the primary substance problem in 2014, over half of whom (60.5 percent) were age 35 and older.
  • Tobacco smoking remained widespread among patients at addiction treatment programs. Rates of current smoking range from a high of 82 percent among heroin admissions, to a low of 57.8 percent among alcohol admissions.

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