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New York

What is the drug addiction situation in New York?

Although the rate of drug induced deaths in New York is below the national average, the Empire State is still facing an enormous threat regarding substance abuse. New York City has long served as a distribution hub for the northeastern United States and will continue to do so. The purity of heroin has been increasing and the prices decreasing and since the drug accounts for more than half of overdoses across the state in 2014, heroin is currently the most pressing drug threat to New York.

Though many counties in New York have experienced declines in the abuse of prescription drugs and cocaine, marijuana use remains high among New Yorkers, representing one-quarter of all primary drug treatment admissions in the state. Authorities are also seeing an increase in the use of synthetic drugs, like K-2 (Spice). At just $2 a pop, the drug offers a cheap yet dangerous high that has been particularly appealing to the homeless population in the city.

Quick Facts on Substance Abuse in New York

  • The decrease in prescription drug abuse is most likely due to the reduced availability and increasing prices of pharmaceuticals, which caused many users to turn to the less expensive and easy-to-acquire heroin.
  • The Bronx had the highest rate of heroin admissions out of any county in the state in 2013, whereas Queens ranked 52nd out of all 62 counties in the state.
  • In NYC, heroin seizures from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013 had an average purity of 41.3 percent, with some samples testing as high as 92 percent. In New York City, a bag sells for $5-$20, whereas in the rest of New York State, a bag can sell for up to $50.
  • Marijuana primary treatment admissions decreased but still represent one-quarter of all primary drug treatment admissions in the state.
  • The New York State Health Department on July 31, 2015, named the five organizations that will be allowed to grow and sell cannabis for medical use in the state, including in New York City. They are required to be doing business within six months, meaning medical marijuana could be on sale in New York by the end of 2015.
  • As heroin and prescription drugs grew in popularity, cocaine and crack cocaine‚Äôs popularity diminished. In Albany, crack dealers have even started to distribute heroin.
  • Counties have been seeing a decrease in drug program admissions in which cocaine was the number one drug of choice however, in the Long Island area, crack is commonly abused and remains available in the low income areas of towns including Amityville, Copiague, Hempstead and Wyandanch.
  • Between April 1 and July 31, 2015, more than 1,900 people were admitted to hospitals in New York State after taking the substance, K-2 (Spice).
  • Binge drinking in Central New York is increasing among women at a faster rate than men, a trend experts say is alarming, yet men still hit the bottle harder than women.


Finding drug and alcohol treatment in New York

There are probably many questions you want answered when considering treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. The rehab placement specialists at will guide you through the process of selecting the rehabilitation center that is the best fit for you. If you want more information about our services or are looking for drug or alcohol addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, give us a toll-free call today at 1 (877) 968-6283.

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