The Benefits of Everyday Gratitude in Recovery

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Dec 4, 2015

The Benefits of Everyday Gratitude in Recovery

RecoveryWe think it’s great to have a holiday weekend dedicated to the idea of being thankful, but there are so many benefits of everyday gratitude in recovery that we can’t just do it one day a year. Though we immediately associate gratitude with Thanksgiving and thus the month of November, an attitude of gratitude is something that can be applied all year long. Here are some benefits of having a daily gratitude practice and some ideas on how you can implement them.

Gratitude Makes You Happy

If there is one thing that we as humans all have in common, it is our desire for happiness. Though we all have a different idea of what that means, positive psychology research is consistently associated with happiness and has been researched thoroughly for centuries. What most people don’t realize is that focusing on all the things you don’t have will only contribute to the demise of your happiness. Try putting into practice a regular expression of gratitude, like writing in a journal or sending a note to a friend. Doing so will help you stay grateful for the people and things you that are already a part of your life.

Gratitude is Contagious

Gratitude is the only contagious thing that you will want to catch. Those who are grateful tend to give off a contagious positive energy which other people will be drawn towards. People generally like to be around others who are positive and who emulate gratitude in everything that they do. When all these cool and positive people get together, the energy created is doubly contagious and inspires us to do good together and to further spread gratefulness.

Gratitude Creates Solutions

Focusing on what is bad in a situation is a natural reaction, however, it’s not a very productive one. When you think about problem solving, what works best; thinking about the problem, or thinking about what you can do to solve the problem? Taking up a daily gratitude practice helps put you in a mind space that will help keep you on a path where you will contribute positively to your own life as well as others lives, too.

A Lack of Gratitude is Toxic to Your Recovery

Just as gratitude perpetuates more gratitude, negative feelings of ingratitude fuel more negativity. In addition, when you’re stuck in a problem mentality you miss out opportunities for solutions that are right in front of you, simply because you don’t hear them or see them. When you live a life lacking in gratitude, this will lead to resentment. Mulling over the unfairness of life and blaming others will lead to relapse, and thus the cycle continues.

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