5 Ways to Find Drug Addiction Help for a Friend

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Aug 4, 2016

5 Ways to Find Drug Addiction Help for a Friend

Witnessing one of your dearest friends in need of drug addiction help isn’t easy. Real friends are there for you no matter how good or bad your life is. In fact, it’s when things turn bad that you’re able to see who your true friends are and who is there to support you no matter what. But you have been there, you’re still there, providing all the drug addiction help you can.

5 Ways to Find Drug Addiction Help for a Friend

5 Ways to Find Drug Addiction Help for a Friend

Sometimes, you just try to provide addiction support to your friend and he just can’t see it. Other times, you go even further and you try to find substance abuse rehab programs, but he’s just not ready yet.

You just want to help your friend or your loved one, but you know that a wrong word said at the wrong time, can do more harm than good. However, no matter the problems your friend is dealing with, you just can’t back off. You need to do something. After all, you care about your friend. Even if your friend just managed to distance himself from all his old friends, there will be a time, there always is, where you might get the perfect opportunity.

Talk to your friend about getting drug addiction help when they’re sober

When your friend is under the influence of any substance, either drugs or alcohol, you should avoid talking about how and why he should change his behavior. Either he’ll push you back or he’ll make a bunch of promises just to shut you up. So, the best time to try and talk to your friend is when he’s sober. And on this situation, you can have an open conversation with him about the fact that he needs drug addiction help and that you can even help him find substance abuse rehab programs.

Talk about your feelings and don’t play the blame game

When you are having this open talk with your friend, don’t start to blame him or question his options. Rather start by showing him that you love him, that you care for him, and that’s why you are worried. You should make sure he understands you’re not worried about what others may think of him because you know him, and you just want him to be safe.

Be direct and give specific examples

When you are talking to your friend, show him the real scenarios he has. He has spent a lot of time avoiding thinking about them but by acknowledging that you know that he broke promises, that he canceled plans, won’t give him the room to argue. You will be basically stating that you’re worried and you know he cares so you want to help him avoid these situations in the near future.

Group intervention may not be a good idea

A group intervention can work really well or can be a total disaster. If you believe the best thing to do is to use a group intervention, make sure everyone is on the same page and that there won’t be anyone blaming your friend. The last thing you want with a group intervention is to your friend to feel trapped.

Your friend is not the enemy, his problem is

Just because your friend has a drug addiction problem this doesn’t make him a bad person. At some point of his life, he made a mistake and he’s paying for it, a very high price. You need to make sure that he knows you understand what he’s going through and why you’re offering him drug addiction support. Show the love and compassion you have in your heart and your friend will be touched. Despite any harm he may have done to you or others, he’s not really the problem; his addiction is.




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