What Drug Rehabilitation Centers Are Really Like

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Jun 16, 2016

What Drug Rehabilitation Centers Are Really Like

When some people think of drug rehabilitation centers, they may remember movies or TV shows centered on them and pull up some negative imagery about life behind the walls of these facilities. But in real life, drug treatment centers are nothing like the movies and they can really benefit those seeking treatment in a private setting where they can get help from top-notch professionals to overcome their addictions.

What Drug Rehabilitation Centers Are Really Like

The Process of Beginning Treatment in Drug Rehabilitation

The addiction specialists working in the rehab centers that we work with want to do their best to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Before you check into a treatment center, there is what is called the admissions process, which our addiction specialists will walk you through one step at a time to ensure that you are connected with the best drug addiction program for you and your individual needs.

5 Steps for a Smooth Admissions Process

While it might seem like a lot to accomplish, these steps are put in place to make sure that you are connected to the treatment centers and services that will work the best for you. Our team is working around the clock to ensure that this process goes as smooth as possible.

Step One: Give us a call

Call 1-87-968-6283 to speak to a compassionate recoveryas.com addiction specialist who will help you take the first step to sobriety.

Step Two: Screening and Assessment

Your addiction specialist will then work with you to complete a pre-admission clinical evaluation of your (or your loved one’s) addiction history and health issues.

Step Three: Verification of Insurance Benefits

If you have insurance coverage, our addiction specialists will evaluate your policy and find the perfect match for both your insurance and your individual health needs.

Step Four: Placement

Your addiction specialist will handle the entire process of finding you the treatment center that is the perfect fit for you. All to make sure that you can start on your path to recovery as soon as possible.

Step Five: Getting There

If you need to travel to the rehab facility, we will assist in the coordination of your travel arrangements. When you arrive, our transport team will pick you up at the airport to take you to your destination.

What Drug Rehabilitation Centers Are Really Like

Arriving at the Drug Addiction Treatment Facility

When you check into a rehabilitation center, like The Discovery House, you will first fill out some paperwork, like your insurance payment information and other necessary details. Personal items will be searched and cataloged, this is to ensure that no drugs or alcohol are brought into the facility.

Then you will get to meet with staff counselors who will speak with you regarding your specific addiction and determine the best possible course of counseling for your individual needs. Once everyone agrees upon a proper course of action, the detox process will begin.

During alcohol or drug detox, residents will be made as comfortable as possible. The staff will help you through this process as best possible, they are there to help you from the first day and until the day you are ready to go home.

Therapy Sessions in Drug Rehabilitation Centers

In L.A, at The Discovery House, all counseling is done in their luxury facilities to ensure a comfortable and relaxing environment to aid visitors through their addiction recovery. Residents in the facility typically attend four group therapy sessions every day and two or three individual sessions with their counselors every week. If residents are local and have family close by, family members are welcome for family therapy sessions, as well.

What to Bring, What You’ll Wear

At most luxury drug treatment centers, you will be able to wear your own clothes. You can bring your own pajamas, underwear, slippers and shoes so that you will feel comfortable as you go through the process of learning to live without your substance. Bring ID’s, Insurance cards, a journal, coats if it’s cold, books and magazines, hygiene and personal care items and anything you want to wear when you’re living in the drug rehabilitation center. Your comfort and well-being are very important but your safety is our top priority, so be sure to check out what you should never bring to a treatment center.




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